How KLIK All Began…

While on a plane to Asia, I flipped the dirty magazine in the back flap of the seat in front of me.

My eyes landed on an ad by Estée Lauder. It was a travel make-up set, complete with make-up brushes, foams and a full kit of make-up including powder, foundation, eyeshadow and lip color.

What if those make-up could be customizable, based on personal preferences?

Eureka! A startup is born.

On the way back from my trip, I was already drawing out sketches for my idea.

I felt like a genius! The next lady Steve Jobs!

I drafted the design out on white paper, measured meticulously by my Muji ruler. Recalling my engineering training from years ago, I drew out the top views and side views of my product.

By this time I had my target customer and use cases at the back of my mind, but I purposely did not let myself write a business plan.

This time, I wanted to approach my idea in a more organic way. I wanted to start by doing, not planning

For more details on my venture’s progress, please check out my entrepreneurship timeline, Journey of a KLIK.

Scott Kuo